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ARIES Clear Oil Cleansing

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The cleansing ingredients gentle for the skin and twelve plant-based natural oils work to completely remove makeup and oil from the skin. It removes eye makeup, blushes, and lip products without damaging the pores. It is characterized by a light texture that is easy to spread and wash off.

How to Use

Take about 3 pumps of product on your hand, apply it over the makeup, and then wash it off using cold or warm water.

Use by

3 years if unopened.


Ethylhexyl palmitate, tri (caprylic acid / capric acid) glyceryl triisostearate PEG-20 glyceryl, squalane, water, ethoxy diglycol, macadamia nut oil, meadowfoam oil, PEG - 8 glyceryl isostearate, PEG-20 Sorubitankokoeto, rice germ oil, hazelnut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba seed oil, camellia oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, evening primrose oil, rose hip oil, tocopherol , phenoxyethanol

Message for You

Aries Cosmetics originate from Aoyama, Tokyo - ahead of beauty/fashion trend with the concept of "Confront people and skin closely". More than anything else, we consider the well being of the skin and have formed a network consisting of both doctors and manufacturers, so that we can constantly monitor the product safety information in order to continue to make safe products. We would like to encourage women around Asia to try Aries Cosmetics - prescribed and designed to align with the natural activities of the skin with added unique functions.
Hiroaki Mitani, Representative Director

About Manufacturing

Cosmetics are re-applied every day during long periods of time. So it is extremely important that cosmetics be safe for our clients' skins. Aries Cosmetics is a member of the Skin Safety Case Information Network (SSCI-Net), and besides selling and distributing cosmetics products our infrastructure is also prepared to deal with such cases and to provide relevant information about skin safety. Also, we cooperate with our ingredients manufacturers and external production plants to provide information about health and safety as a part of our company's system structure.

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User Review


A good cleansing oil which can wash away all my makeup! Hope that it can be bought in Hong Kong! Love it!

Fung Ying Chan

Quite good which melts all my makeup quickly. But I think this is quite oily even after wash off by water.

Nguyễn Diệu Hương

Sản phẩm tẩy trang tốt, làm sạch bụi bẩn, dễ rửa sạch, tuy nhiên khi dùng xong thấy khá là khô. Sản phẩm dùng khá là tốt.

Lirong Chen

Sản phẩm không như mong đợi
Chất lượng sản phẩm bình thường, không ấn tượng
Chất dầu trong, không mùi

Brian Chen

Sản phẩm nhỏ gọn, tiện lợi,
với một lượng nhỏ đã có thể làm sạch mỹ phẩm.
Tuy nhiên so với các sản phẩm khác không có điểm nổi trội