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ARIES Smoothing Wash

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The mixture of Moroccan clay and sea silt will cleanse your skin smoothly, as well as keeping your skin moisturized with the mixture of hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid (moisturizing substance).

How to Use

Take a proper amount (cherry size) onto your hand and using water or warm water make it foam. Wash your face using this foam and rinse thoroughly.

Use by

3 years if unopened.


Water, bentonite , glycerin , myristic acid , stearic acid , BG, titanium oxide , hydroxide K, lauric acid , cocoyl methyl taurine Na, cocamidopropyl betaine , glyceryl stearate ( SE ) ​​, glycolic stearate , PEG - 0.99 Stearic acid , Morocco lava clay , sea silt , rice starch , hydrolyzed collagen , hydrolyzed rice bran extract , hyaluronic acid Na, EDTA-2Na 

Awards & Credentials

Cosmetics developed in Aoyama, Tokyo – the cutting edge of fashion.
Our skin care products are made using research from a medical science point of view.
Free of fragrance, colouring, parabans and mineral oil.

Message for You

Aries Cosmetics originate from Aoyama, Tokyo - ahead of beauty/fashion trend with the concept of "Confront people and skin closely". More than anything else, we consider the well being of the skin and have formed a network consisting of both doctors and manufacturers, so that we can constantly monitor the product safety information in order to continue to make safe products. We would like to encourage women around Asia to try Aries Cosmetics - prescribed and designed to align with the natural activities of the skin with added unique functions.
Hiroaki Mitani, Representative Director

About Manufacturing

Cosmetics are re-applied every day during long periods of time. So it is extremely important that cosmetics be safe for our clients' skins. Aries Cosmetics is a member of the Skin Safety Case Information Network (SSCI-Net), and besides selling and distributing cosmetics products our infrastructure is also prepared to deal with such cases and to provide relevant information about skin safety. Also, we cooperate with our ingredients manufacturers and external production plants to provide information about health and safety as a part of our company's system structure.

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User Review

文懿 范


小姐 曾


晏萍 劉

雖然小小一瓶 但非常好用 清潔力強 也不會像其他洗面乳 不好沖洗外 洗完後的臉嚴重大脫皮 它也沒有添加任何香料 洗面乳聞起來太香 真的會擔心裡頭其實都是化學物 能確定是蠻天然的洗面乳 不會對肌膚造成太大困擾 這次也有送糖果罐 真的很棒!

Yi-Fen Hu

ARIES Smoothing Wash聞起來沒什麼味道,觸感像泥狀面膜,洗臉時也搓不出泡泡,本以為這樣清潔效果會不好,睡前洗完臉後感覺挺乾淨的,也不會緊蹦。只是隔天起床後,臉部出油有點嚴重,尤其是T字部位,不知道是不是自己膚質的問題?!

Kim Hoàng

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- Da mặt trở nên mềm mịn và sáng
- Mùi khá nồng nhưng không lưu lại quá lâu