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AROMA KIFI Damage Care Treatment - Rose & Jasmine

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GAIA NP Corporation


This is a treatment that is gentle to the skin as it is made with ingredients derived from plant and natural essential oils.  It does not include silicon or paraben, a synthetic coloring agent, synthetic perfume, mineral oil, animal origin materials or any oil-based surfactants. The botanical oil provides for hair moistness and intense therapy of damaged areas. A fragrance of the natural essential oil "Rose & Jasmine"

How to Use

Gently squeeze out excess water after washing with shampoo, apply an appropriated amount, and rinse well again. It will be more effective if you rinse it after a few minutes of applying to the hair.

Use by

Please use quickly after opening. * Because this product includes a lot of natural ingredients, it is sometimes the case with that the ingredient solidifies when the temperature is 10 degrees Celsius or lower. In addition, there is not a problem with quality. Please use it after at normal temperature in a warm room.


Water, hydrogenated rapeseed oil alcohol, behen trimonium chloride, glycerin, bis (soybean oil fatty acid / rapeseed oil fatty acid) ethylhydroxyethylmonomethosulfate, propanediol, methylheptyl laurate, diethylhexyl sebacate, (C13-15) Alkane, glyceryl tri (caprylic / capric acid), glyceryl glucoside, Himee furo extract, γ-docosalactone, apricot kernel oil, lysine Na dilauroylglutamate, polyquaternium-10, candelilla wax, isostearyl isostearate, dimer linoleic acid (Phytosteryl / isostearyl / cetyl / stearyl / behenyl), (hydrogenated rosin / diisostearic acid) glyceryl, tocopherol, fragrance, BG, DPG, phenoxyethanol, ethanol

Awards & Credentials

amazon Ranking - Drug store department No.1

About Manufacturing

We are a manufacturing company in Japan which produces and sells natural cosmetics using herbs and natural essential oils. We are committed to the manufacture of products which are gentle to the skin and fragrant.

All our products are manufactured carefully at our own plants in Komagane-city in Nagano prefecture, Japan. We produce all our cosmetics in our plant from the purchase of materials, through manufacturing and quality management to shipping, so that our customers can feel easy without worry.


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