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ARSOA Queen Silver

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The history of Arsoa started with a single type of black soap. Now, 40 years later, we have brought about miracles in the skin of many women, brought joy to their hearts, and brought hope to their lives, all with Arsoa Queen Silver. Since Arsoa's birth in 1972, it has continued to be loved by everyone, spanning decades and generations. Incorporating naturally derived minerals (from sedimentary and igneous rocks) and charcoal, Queen Silver creates a smooth, rich lather that removes impurities from your skin, while retaining its moisture. In addition, Queen Silver imparts even more moisture to your skin with a combination of natural moisturizers such as sucrose and honey. Queen Silver cannot be uniformly mass produced by machines, and our artisans have continued to use the handmade wakuneri process, a painstaking production process in which the soap is cured over the course of 70 days.

"If you look hard at the function of skin, the most important thing is to wash it and keep it clean."

Based on this belief, the development of Arsoa Queen Silver began in Japan 40 years ago, when coating and overlaying make-up was a mainstream practice. Arsoa considers true beauty to be the demonstration of the beauty with which a person is inherently endowed. We believe that beauty is brought about by a healthy balance of "heart, body, and skin." Arsoa always strives to create products that reflect what we have learned from the workings of nature and maintain the skin's original beauty. Arsoa wants you to attain true beauty, so we bring to you only what is truly essential for your skin. This is a manifestation of our company's vision, and the reason so many customers have been able to experience true beauty as a result of using our products.


Stone Ken foundation , sucrose , glycerin , purified water , perfume , sedimentary , igneous rocks , charcoal , honey , mica , titanium oxide , iron oxide , etidronate 4Na

About Manufacturing

"Within the harmony between people and nature, we create true health and happiness."

As an embodiment of our company's vision, our headquarters is established in Kobuchizawa, Yamanshi Prefecture, surrounded by the abundant nature of the southern foot of Mount Yatsugatake. Beginning with the proposition to create products and lifestyles that take advantage of the power of nature, Arsoa tackles various projects related to creating health and beauty. At the same time, the "spirit of the three healths," which brings forth true beauty from the three types of health, "heart, body, and skin," remains ceaselessly alive in Arsoa's core.

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