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AloAlo Natural Hair Oil

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Sakura Research Labs Ltd.
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"AloAlo Natural Hair Oil" is a product produced by hair & make-up artist Shiba Taro, made for professionals by professionals. It gives your hair a natural gloss and smoothness while also protecting it and lightening it up. This mist type oil truly achieves an authentically beautiful finish. Plus, its special mix of ingredients give you an extra level of care which quickly extends the durability of your hair color! This hair oil keeps your hairstyle under control, and can be easily applied at home. It is only 1 product but it fulfills 4 different functions. This hair oil follows 3 maintenance steps to help heal damaged hair, making it healthy again. Its 5 beauty ingredients make your hair supple and glossy. Its 9 varieties of essential oils softly envelop your hair, giving it a gentle aroma. Since it is a mist spray type it is easy to use and can be employed on both wet and dry hair.



Alga near spinosa kernel oil, camellia seed oil, shea butter oil, sunflower seed oil, Iran Iran Hanayu and Roman chamomile flower oil, etc.

About Manufacturing

Sakura Research Labs Ltd. are a Japanese cosmetics maker.
Until now we have developed many OEM products, and we're constantly improving our ability to make better items.
Not only limiting ourselves to the Japanese market, we also export our products abroad. We trust in our MADE IN JAPAN products, and want the world to feel their unique charm.
We also ship to overseas customers.
"For all those people who expect true beauty, and desire a product which is gentle..."
We will deliver it to you. 

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User Review

Thanhnhan Tran

minh thay san pham nay dung rat tot.toc minh do kho . xo roi . che ngon va giam duoc rung toc.......

Hoài Nguyễn Thu

Consisting of all mah star ingredients, it gave mah hair extremely smooth at the first use. The mist type helped me control the amount of oil put on mah hair, so that i couldn't overuse it. Highly recommend you to apply this mixture after 1-2 hour of washing hair.

Thanh Tâm

Tóc mình rụng nhiều lắm, sau khi sử dùng được khoảng 1 tháng nay thấy tóc bớt rụng hơn hẳn. Tóc mọc nhanh nữa.

Lien Vu

Sản phẩm này rất phù hợp với tóc đang trong quá trình uốn nhuộm của mình.
Giúp tóc mềm mại, bóng mượt và vào nếp hơn
Cảm thấy rất hài lòng!

Trịnh Hương

Thời gian trước tóc mình nhuộm và làm xoăn nên tóc rất xơ và khô. Sau khi dùng thử sản phẩm này mình thấy có tác dụng sau vài lần dùng, giờ tóc mình mượt và đỡ khô hơn rất nhiều.