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Amino Rice Natural Moist Lotion

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●Benefits of fermented rice broth FRS-01
Fermented rice broth FRS-01, which does not contain alcohol, is produced with a special fermentation process that leads to a product with three times the amino acid content of Japanese sake. There are many minerals and vitamins beneficial to beauty in it.

●What skin really needs is "amino acids"
Skin that has lost its moisture needs a lot of amino acids. The upper skin layer needs water soluble molecules to retain moisture and give it springiness and elasticity.

●Skin care products made from rice beautify skin
Rice hull extract, which has had its aging care components extracted through hydrolysis, in combination with "oryzenin," which has the power to create collagen, work together to support healthy looking skin.


Water, rice fermentation liquid FRS-01, BG (= 1,3- butylene glycol), glycerin, hydrolyzed Komeekisu, hydrolyzed rice bran extract, aloe vera extract -1, sucrose lauric acid, clove extract, lactic acid, caprylic acid glyceryl, lauric acid polyglyceryl-10, ethanol

About Manufacturing

Ever since Fukumitsuya was founded in 1625 (Kan'ei year 2), they have regularly studied Japanese sake components. Presently, the company makes sake without added alcohol or sugar, called junmaishu, and seeks to meet their customers' needs. Fukumitsuya develops products while thinking about what their customers needs first, as well as thinking about how their products could enrich the lives of all of their customers.

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