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Anzu (Apricot) Hair Oil

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1. Apricot Power, Good for Hair
One feature is that hair is properly moisturized and protected by non-drying oil pressure-extracted from apricot seeds. A blend of lots of oleic acid and plenty of minerals maintains beautiful, healthy hair.

2. A Variety of Uses
There are many ways to use it depending on the extent of damage and your goals.

3. The Scent of Apricot
The moment you put it on, the aroma of apricot drifts around. There is no odor common to hair oil, so you can use it without worrying about the smell.

■Protects your hair from sources of heat such as your hair dryer.
■Coats your hair cuticles, thus preventing the progression of damage to your hair.
■Prevents static, and allows your fingers to run smoothly through your hair. 



Apricot kernel oil, tocopherol, fragrance

About Manufacturing

The history of the 400-year-old Yanagiya store is the history of plant-based cosmetics itself. It started with lipstick, and moved on to pomade during the Edo Period. With the dawn of the Taisho Period came the birth of "Yanagiya Pomade," which is synonymous with the modern Yanagiya. Even in the midst of the wartime period, when raw materials were lacking, Yanagiya continued its commitment to producing pure botanical products. It has been supported by customers as a long-selling product which has continued to be sold for nearly 100 years now.

And Now in Modern Times. Yanagiya is breathing a new sensibility into its oil, which can be said to have been the source of Yanagiya since its founding. It is continuing to bring forth one product after another that uses only the best botanical ingredients. The way of thinking that prefers using botanical ingredients has been passed down in Yanagiya without being extinguished since the Edo Period. At that, we place importance on safety and security, especially as our cosmetic products come in direct contact with our customers' skin and add color to their lives.

We make use of the know-how that has been fostered over the long time since our inception, and make botanical ingredients in their finest condition into products, with all their various effects and benefits. We then deliver the products to you.

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