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Aroma Massage Oil

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Incorporated NPO Nanohana Trust in Yokohama-machi


It cares for areas of concern due to the massage effect. While moisturizing, it refreshes and tightens the skin. There is no need to wipe it off, and you can use a very small amount on the whole body. It has a “rugosa rose” scent that can be expected to relax you.


Rapeseed oil, almond oil, macadamia nut oil, a water-soluble proteoglycans, ubiquinone, carnitine, coenzyme A, caffeine, tocopherol, squalene, di (caprylate / caprate) propanediol, glycerin, fragrances, BG, water

About Manufacturing

The Nanohana Trust in Yokohama-machi was established in March 2002 for the purpose of protecting and cultivating the rape blossoms of Yokohama-machi, which are an important part of the historical rural landscape in Japan. In 2008 it was made into an incorporated nonprofit organization (NPO). This movement has its roots in the Yokohama-machi region, and along with broadly protecting and nurturing Japanese food and agriculture, it is a movement that believes in promoting the rich sensibilities, aesthetics, and dignity of the Japanese people. It recruits members from all over Japan, and with the membership dues it conducts the activities necessary to protect and cultivate the Yokohama-machi rape blossoms.

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