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This deodorant soap utilizes the triple-effect of origin removal, deodorization, and anti-stick capability to thoroughly get rid of body odors. Ingredients such as Freiberg Fungo (mud component) and royal jelly acid cleanse the body of odor-causing sweat, sebum, and grime. Persimmon tannoids, alum, and cyclic oligosaccharides demonstrate their ability to effectively deodorize. Add to all this the wasabi seed extract which prohibits outside smells from sticking to the body, allowing a full day of clean skin devoid of foul odors.


Potassium-containing soap base, water, glycerin, palm kernel fatty acid, palm fatty acid, Na gluconate, honolite alumina · iron oxide · silica, hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, oyster tannin, sulfuric acid (Al / K) Wasabinoki seed extract, glycine, quen Acid Na Na sulfate, BG, 10-hydroxydecanoic acid, sebacic acid, 1, 10 decanediol, Na chloride, Gunjou, Etidronic acid 4Na, Pentetoic acid 5Na, Perfume

About Manufacturing

Vernal believes that skincare is a matter of enabling your skin's natural processes. Rather than simply supplying extra care, it is important to "bring out the qualities of the skin which enable it to beautify itself." Human skin has a natural ability to keep moist. Yet while possessing this marvelous ability, there are also things that human skin cannot do by itself. The prime example of this is clearing away filth; in other words, skin cannot wash itself. By taking care of washing the skin, we bring out its regenerative abilities in a smoother fashion.
What kind of skin do you envision yourself having?
Go ahead and take a look at your skin in the mirror. Imagine your skin ten years from now.

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User Review

佳玗 蔡


怡珍 林


育姍 謝

我是乾性肌膚 ,覺得太乾了 !有把水分都帶走的感覺 。嗯 …我覺得 ,如果是會出油或長痘的肌膚應該會喜歡 …那如果你是乾性肌膚 ,就pass吧 !  
我自己用起來是沒有很喜歡~但蜜糖毒藥理論 …還是可以試試啦 !