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BUDDHI Retreat Oil - Dilution

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This product is a facial and body treatment (diluted) oil with its close focus on its mixing ratio. Using prinsepia oil as a base, we blend sesame oil, rice bran oil, and jojoba oil in our own special ratio developed to realize desired elasticity, absorbability (to reach keratin layer), and moisture. The characteristic of this product is the “familiar” feeling to the skin.
◆Prinsepia Oil
Prinsepia is a rare flower of roseceae that is only found high up in the Himalaya
This fruit has fatty acid, Omega 3, 6, and 9 known to be good for the skin. Moreover, it contains 35 times more γ tocopherol, one of vitamin E compounds, than olive oil. Since ancient times, it has been used as household medicine, and recently it is focused as a treatment for eczema because of its Omega 6 content. 
◆ Jojoba Oil
Main ingredient is wax ester. It is a chemical compound also found in human skin. It has an effect to retain moisture and to grow healthy and strong keratin; therefore, it also helps grow healthy and strong skin to fight UV lights and bacteria. In addition, it has the power to make sebaceous glands more active and helps with sebum secretion
◆ Rice bran oil
This oil is excellent for smoothing and protecting your skin. It contains nutrients such as vitamin E and oryzanol known to give silky skin. Moreover, it is rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid.
◆ Sesame oil
The history of sesame oil goes back long time. It is used in “Ayurveda”, traditional treatment from ancient India. Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt also used sesame oil as a beauty item. In addition to the fact that it’s full of antioxidants, the oil is velvety and absorbed easily into the skin preventing water from evaporating and elevating the capacity to keep moisture.

How to Use

Spread onto the hand an amount just about enough to make a size of 500 yen coin (about an 1 inch) to massage or moisturize your body.
Please use it for hand massage, foot massage, or head massage.
You can also blend a few drops of your own serum or oil with this product and use.


Rice bran oil, jojoba seed oil, sesame oil, Prinsepia utilis seed extract, tocopherol

About Manufacturing

Our corporate philosophy is “To be one with the Earth.”  We aim for harmony among people, industry, and nature.  By introducing advanced techniques, remarkable ingredient and nutrients, we will continue the research and development of cosmetic product that one day can change the life of the people we touch.  We will continue to help and act to resolve all kinds of problems caused by human inequalities which our value, culture, tradition and custom etc. unconsciously brings (common sense) so that each one of us can become independent and self- sufficient.  Instead of asking the question “What can others do for me?” we aim for environment friendly business by always asking “What can we do?

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User Review

2018/12/18 Delete

I like the smell a lot,its really good oil i ever tried,i used it with my lotion and its good for my nail too.Thank you.

2018/12/17 Delete


Ersa Safitri

I got this four lil boy from Cosmeria. I mixed it with my body lotion and it works like magic, my body lotion became more moisturizing but not greasy at all. The smell is like traditional oil but not too annoying. I mixed it with my coffee scrub too, i love the results. You can use it individually as body oil and helps you to get rid some stretchmarks and cellulite.

Amelia Mint

thankyou, nice smell and make me calm,  good for massage body and my head, my face seems like brighter and smooth..
the fragrance is worth it , i hope my review can make good choice for you All, :)

Mulya Dayani

for my point i like it coz it smooten my skin and make my nail shining... but the smell was the basic problem. but for most i like it thanks