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Barrier Repair Facial Moist

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- Ultra-moist type which supplies ample moisture.
- Contains 27ml of thick, rich serum with deep penetrating formula which gives moisturizing feel with just one use.
- A synthesis of deep-penetrating hyaluronic acid (nanohyaluronic acid) with 1/100 of the molecular weight of standard hyaluronic acid reaches deep to the inside of keratin cells.
- A blend of “baby water lipids” with a structure similar to that of vernix uses high-grade osmosis to supply moisture to delicate complexions.
- Super-soft peel-resistant sheets sculpt themselves to your skin.
- Multilayered sheets feel soft on the skin and offer high moisture retention, providing plenty of lotion with no dripping.
- Specially cut to hug the contours of a Japanese woman’s face; resistant to peeling even from below.
- Sheets are specially-sculpted with a woman’s face. Separate the slits of sheets and layer the separated sections to provide a perfect fit right up to the edge of the eyes and mouth for long-lasting skin contact.

How to Use

Supply, soft adhesive sheets sculpt themselves to your skin.


Hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid, hydroxylated lecithin, squalane and more.

About Manufacturing

We offer our products mainly in Asia and are expanding across the globe. We focus on our Gatsby & Lucido men's grooming brands and also offer our Bifesta & Pixy brands of women's cosmetics and our Lucido L & Pucelle women's hairstyling & body care products.



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