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Beauty rice bran moisturising oil

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Rice is a traditional beauty product, but rice oil (rice bran oil), is a precious oil. Only ten grams of rice oil can be extracted from each kilogram of brown rice. Rice oil’s special properties are that it contains oleic acid, which occurs in large amounts in natural skin oil, linoleic acid, which is known for its beauty effects, rice bran ceramide, which act as a barrier for the skin, and γ-oryzanol, which has proven beauty effects. It controls odours and is comfortable on the skin, so it can be used on the face, body, hands, nails, and even hair. This one bottle will give you all glossy skin all over your body.


Squalane, rice germ oil, rice bran oil, tocopherol

About Manufacturing

“Products with heart” has been our ideology at Real co. since our establishment in 1894.
We have been supporting Japanese women’s skin care and beauty for 120 years. We start with rice bran, which has been valued since the time of the Tale of Genji, but still keep our products up-to-date. Women’s situations have changed over the years, and today’s busy women worry about their skin as they do about their time, with concerns such as “skin stress” and “allergies.” We believe that our products with heart will let you experience the essential beauty of your skin, while being reassured by their long history of use. We will continue to focus on giving Japanese women beautiful, healthy skin, with our motto “Products with heart.”

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User Review

Lim Sandii

I have been suffering from dry skin on my calves for more than 5-6 years, so when I receive this item from Cosmeria, I was really excited to try it. Despite its name "oil", its texture is quite watery and light. I didn't like the idea of applying a layer of oil on my skin, but this product changed my perspective on "oil". It feels light and my skin does look glossy and moist after applying it. It doesn't have any smell. However, I'm skeptical about applying oil on my face, so I'll just use it for my body and hair.

Cherilyn Yeo

I've tried this Uruoi Oil for the past few days, and have decided that this product is good for my skin. Having dry skin, the oil has managed to help increase the moisture level of my skin without the heavy texture of an oil-based product. The light and watery texture of it is the main selling point.

This product can also be used for the face, as it is suitable for the whole body.

The only one thing that puts me off slightly is that it has no fragrance. It smells like, well, oil once I've applied it on my skin. However, this is a plus point for people who likes to have their products fragrance-free.

In other words, it's good for people who wants their skin to be hydrated.

Pa Pa Ruan

針對本產品的試用心得, 主要拿來擦脖子跟手, 臉也有試著擦過幾次, 剛擦完會有種膩膩的感覺, 可能是夏天天氣太熱導致.
因為目前有懷孕, 體溫比較高, 使用該產品後, 會感覺體溫有些悶住, 不太能散熱...
整體來說, 擦完有滋潤的感覺, 也會吸收. 但還是有點黏膩感, 也許秋冬兩季來使用, 效果會更好, 也比較不會有黏膩感.
另外, 產品擦起來無色無味, 如果能有一點點香味會更好, 以上是這次使用4天的一點想法, 提供參考

I-Hua Chen

This is like the product I have in similar.
However it's more natural, easy to absorb, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and noncomedogenic.

It's better to use in winter, and it's a little bit too much for summer.
I would recommend this to whom has very dry skin.
And I guess it would be perfect to add this product into the body lotion.
Thank you for the free sample!