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Bijin Dofu All-in-one Care Gel

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Loved by many popular Japanese bloggers! No.1 in sales in Rakuten in its category! Apply this gel cream after washing your face for comprehensive care! The product contains liposome-structured “milk-ceramide”, a moisturizing ingredient made structurally similar to the human skin to keep your skin moist throughout the day.
Liposome structure refers to a mille-feuille-like multiple layers enclosing the content which is released upon gradual dissolving of the wrapping layers, to better penetrate the skin. Other ingredients of the product include lactoferrin, a type of protein richly contained in milk that cares the skin.
Lycium chinense essence is an anti-aging ingredient that activates the collagen in our skin to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. Honey moisturizes the skin from the inside, while royal jelly is known to have various beautifying effects.
Acquired from precious maple tree sap, maple water has excellent skin-moisturizing properties with high mineral and sugar content. Fermented tofu essence is also high in moisturizing properties to keep the skin moist and elastic, while maintaining the skin cells healthy. Fermented rice essence is high in amino acids known to have beautifying effects, while yogurt is rich in lactic acids that induce turnovers for a clearer, more beautiful skin. .


Water, BG, glycerin, squalane, ethanol, polyglyceryl distearate -10, behenyl alcohol, soy milk fermentation broth, rice fermentation liquid, yogurt liquid (milk), lactoferrin (milk), milk extract, lactose, sphingomyelin, honey, sugar maple sap, royal jelly extract, water-soluble collagen, wolfberry fruit extract, (PEG-240 / decyltetradeceth -20 / HDI) copolymer, stearic acid, glyceryl stearate, phenoxyethanol, beeswax, hydrogenated palm oil, lactic acid

About Manufacturing

We manufacture and market products from our original cosmetic product line, “Bijin Dofu”, a set of products made with special attention to the ingredients and feel, as well as our “Suteki Hada” series, and our legwear and functional pelvis supportwear “Kotsu Pan”.

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