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CRE CHEZ Pore Gommage Paste PL

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CRE CHEZ Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.
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This paste-type gommage for the nose can completely clean off unsightly blackheads and dead skin with one to two treatments per week.
- It is blended with La Mer Powder. On top of being highly adsorbent, it has the characteristic of having variable charge. It generates negative ions, removing sebum and dirt that clog pores, and also has the scrubbing effect of removing dead skin. Furthermore, by generating weak static electricity, it promotes and activates the metabolism of the skin. In addition, thanks to a rich mineral content, it is excellent in terms of moisturizing ability.
- It tightens pores with a combination of highly moisturizing Tremella fuciformis polysaccharide powder, and an algae extract blend taken from three kinds of seaweed.
- As an effect of ginger rhizome extract, the nose gradually becomes warmer within the pack, making the pores easy to open, and completely adsorbing dirt.
- Through the synergistic effect of beads with a strong presence of mannan (from devil's tongue), and granulated La Mer Powder, it gently scrubs away dead skin when you rinse it off.
- It is made using deep sea water from Okinawa and Kumejima, which, along with La Mer Powder, supplements minerals within the pack.
- It refreshes and cleanses dirty pores, and furthermore softens and moistens the skin of your nose. It will “de-strawberry” your nose.

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How to Use

1. On clean skin with moisture wiped away, apply generously to the nose (including around the sides).
2. After letting it sit for about three minutes, gently massage the treated area with the pad of your finger (about 10 seconds).
3. Rinse completely. Otherwise, wipe with a cotton pad moistened with lotion or water.
4. Please maintain afterwards.

Use by

Please use soon as possible after opening.


Water (Okinawa Kumejima of deep ocean water), glycerin, kaolin, BG, bentonite, sea silt, coral powder, white fungus polysaccharide, mannan, ginger rhizome extract, Algae, allantoin, glycyrrhizin acid 2K, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol

Awards & Credentials

Pore care pack designed especially for the nose by "Poreless Labo", Japan's first pore care specialist shop that has already looked after over 160,000 people in Japan.

Message for You

Poreless Labo has been well established in Japan and there are more and more people having trouble with their pores due to hotter,  more humid Asian countries outside of Japan.  Poreless Labo has developed beauty products based on 160,000 individual cases and this nose pack is the most popular item in Japan. It is easy to use to make the nose pores clean.

About Manufacturing

This product is manufactured by CRE CHEZ Cosmetics Co., Ltd. of the Strois Group, with Strois Co., Ltd. (founded 22 years ago) at its center. The Strois Group is a comprehensive group of cosmetic companies which consistently conducts everything from product planning, development, and manufacturing, to sales at in-house salons (about 80 stores), wholesaling to salons of other companies (about 400 stores), and sales to cosmetics shops (about 200 stores). In recent years, the pore care cosmetics series "Poreless Labo" has become extremely popular in Japan.

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User Review

Tran Phuong

Đóng gói chác chắn vận chuyên nhanh chóng. sản phẩm làm se khít lỗ chân lông. không kích ứng da, có mùi dễ chịu. rất hài lòng về sản phẩm  

Linh Thuy

sản phẩm dùng rất thích, k gây kích ứng da, mình cũng thấy mụn đầu đen giảm đáng kể sau nhiều lần sử dụng

Dang Van

đóng gói chắc chắn. sản phẩm dùng tốt, cảm thấy vùng mũi da sạch hơn và ít đổ dầu. nên dùng thường xuyên

Nguyễn Nghĩa

Vùng mũi và vùng cằm mình bị nhiều dầu. Sau khi dùng thấy tuyến bã nhờn và mụn đầu đen giảm đáng kể. Nhớ là sau khi dùng bạn vẫn nên sử dụng các bước skincare đủ và chú trọng vào thu nhỏ lỗ chân lông vùng mũi và cằm nhé

Nâu Nắng

sản phẩm không thơm có hơi nồng nhưng có chất lượng tốt, mũi sạch hơn ngay từ lần sử dụng đầu tiên chứ không như những sản phẩm khác