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DR Bright-Up Massage Cream

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DR Bright Up for Skin with Full of Transparency. Skin loses its transparency and develops dullness as aging proceeds. DR BRIGHT-UP focuses on the three major causes of dull skin, such as skin oxidation, build-up impurities, and poor blood circulation. It leads you to cloudless, clear skin.

A generous amount of macadamia nut oil has been added. A massage cream gentle on the skin and smooth on the fingers with the comfortable attach ability and the smooth texture.
Removes old keratin cells without imposing a load on the skin, and brings bright, glossy, and clear skin.
Prescribed so that moisture remains on the skin after massaging.

Take a moderate amount (about the size of a cherry) on your hands, smooth it on your whole face and massage. Follow by gently wiping with tissue paper and such.


D-pantothenyl alcohol *, acetic acid DL-α- tocopherol *, Ougonekisu, cork tree bark extract, oil-soluble tomato extract, β- carotene, yeast extract (3), hydroxystearyl phytosphingosine, Ayuru G (Gymnema extract), marjoram extract, safflower extract (1), soluble collagen solution (3), sodium chondroitin sulfate, L- oxyproline, natural vitamin E, purified water, concentrated glycerin, 1,3-butylene glycol, polyethylene glycol 4000, macadamia nut oil, vaseline , liquid paraffin, stearic acid, paraffin, peanut oil, methyl polysiloxane, cetostearyl alcohol, hexyl decanol,self-emulsifying glyceryl monostearate, hydrogenated soybean phospholipid, xanthan gum, polyoxyethylene lanolin, potassium hydroxide, ethanol, parabens, dibutyl hydroxy toluene, sodium dehydroacetate
* Mark the "active ingredient" no display "Other components"

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OPPEN COSMETICS provides ladies with genuine beauty through a variety of products such as cosmetics (products for skin care, makeup, and hair & body care) and health foods, sticking to manufacturing only at the company’s own factories in Japan. May our products and services increase each of the customers’ living quality, and as an extension, be helpful for fulfillment of the life quality.

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