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Dassai Sake-kasu Made Soap

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Painstakingly handmade soap, kneaded with plenty of creamy sake lees from Dassai junmai daiginjoshu which have been pressed in a centrifuge.
Compared to sake lees from a normal pressing machine, the lees isolated from being pressed in a centrifuge contain an especially large amount of components.
They also contain trace amounts of numerous active ingredients that are very good for the skin.


Soap base, sake cake

About Manufacturing

We aim for a delicious sake designed to be savored, not one born from the mass market logic of "as long as it sells well and gets you drunk, it's good". Above all, we want to continue to be a wine cellar that offers you an enjoyable life with sake.
We brew "Dassai" as a sake to enjoy as one tool in a good life.

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