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DeAU Daily Peal

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"DeAU Daily Peel" is made in cooperation with peeling brand medical professionals. A keratin softening component gently to treats the stratum corneum (the outer most layer of skin) to prevent issues from resurfacing. The low irritation design is made for daily use and we've insisted on keeping it free of the 7 most common artificial cosmetic ingredients (free of paraben, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, petroleum based surfactant, synthetic color and silicon). We hope to bring about the ultimate "DeAU = Meeting" for customers with this new post facial cleansing custom regimen.

How to Use

1. After cleansing your face, dry it the proper amount and clean your palms. As a guide, it is best to use about a half of the dropper.
2. Spread the cream on both palms and gently apply it so that it wraps around your entire face. Please use it repeatedly in the areas where roughness is a concern. ※Take care not to get it into your eyes.
3. After applying it to your skin, thoroughly moisturize with lotion.

Use by

Please use it within about 1 month. Securely fasten the cap after each use. Store the product in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight or heat and humidity. After removing it once, there is a risk of the material changing if it is returned to the container.


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Awards & Credentials

Received the 1st of 4 Rakuten Rankings

Message for You

We aim to give each individual customer meticulous attention when delivering their products.
From these carefully-curated genuine doctor’s items, please choose the most suitable products for you.

About Manufacturing

At Excellent Medical, the products we handle are doctor’s cosmetics and supplements, developed in cooperation with medical specialists and medical institutions.
With higher ratios of active ingredients compared to other items on the market, it is important for us that a customer chooses the precise product that suits the nature of their skin and their health condition.

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User Review

鈺寧 王


函蓉 卓


晏萍 劉

小小一瓶 還不錯用  能當作化妝水 來補足水分 還可以消毒 裡頭含有酒精 有些微的刺激 但不太會忍受不了 吸收很快 不會殘留 擦完後皮膚也有保濕 最重要的不會乾乾的 好像還有緊緻肌膚 這瓶真的不錯 棒

Peggy Chen


Iris Wang

這款試用很慷慨,一瓶有10mL,所以我密集使用了好一陣子之後才來寫心得。DeAU 每日角質代謝肌底液可以天天使用,溫和幫助代謝角質,並且讓後續保養品容易吸收。持續使用之後臉部真的有變細緻、光滑的感覺~
話說 Cosmeria 可不可以別在信封袋裡面送糖果了?寄送過程中有變質的風險,我這次收到的糖果罐還被壓到打開了,只好全部丟掉。