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Deonatulle Soft Stone W

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Chuo Bussan International Co., Ltd.
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Deonatulle – The number one selling direct application deodorant in Japan
A direct application deodorant that removes odour and sweat from their source, through the power of alum, a natural deodorant. Liberally applied directly to problem areas, the natural deodorant controls odours from their source.

Soft Stone W – Underarm deodorant
A member of @cosme’s best cosmetics hall of fame. Stick deodorant that’s easy to apply even on busy mornings.
• Made in Japan
• Unscented – No added colors – Alcohol free
• Smooth and refreshing application, does not leave white marks
• An active ingredient that effectively prevents underarm odours
• Long-lasting effectiveness and comfort – apply before you go out for the day

Usage instructions
Deodorant is more effective if sweat is removed.
Twist the base of the stick until approximately 1cm comes out, and apply five to six times to clean, dry underarms.
To prevent the deodorant drying out, close the cap firmly after use.


Burnt alum ※, isopropyl methyl phenol ※, menthol , hydrogenated castor oil , cyclopentasiloxane , POP butyl ether -1 , sorbitan sesquiisostearate , stearyl alcohol , BHT ※ the " active ingredient" , non-display of the " other ingredients "

About Manufacturing

At CBIC we promote high living standards and healthy lifestyles. We do this by developing our own brands, including the natural alum deodorant Deonatulle, as well as selling imported goods from overseas brands.

We continue to invent new and unique goods. Our products will have you saying, “Isn’t this great!” and “I’ve been looking for something like this!”

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