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Wipe-off cream containing squalane to massage and cleanse your skin in one shot.

Category brand-share No.1 in Cleansing Cream Category according to Fuji-Keizai research and C'BON's most popular and customer favorite item for years.

- A luxurious cleansing cream containing squalane.
- A quick-breaking formula that melts into an oil-like consistency when applied to the skin for massage.
- Cleansing and massaging effect that removes impurities in the pores of the skin, and also moisturizes dehydrated skin. 



Allantoin, acetic acid DL-α- tocopherol , purified water , squalane , tri ( caprylic - capric acid ) glyceryl , 1,3-butylene glycol , beeswax , cetyl palmitate , tristearate decaglyceryl , lipophilic monostearate glyceryl stearate , batyl alcohol , jojoba oil , self-emulsifying glyceryl monostearate , polyoxyethylene sorbitol tetraoleate , mixed fatty acid triglyceryl , hardened coconut oil fatty acid glyceryl sodium sulfate , perfume , Toukinsenkaekisu , butyl parahydroxybenzoate , p- benzoic acid methyl

About Manufacturing

- Years of experience specializing in prestigious skincare category.
- Products of quality that are developed, manufactured and sold by our own company and made in Japan.
- Outstanding massage techniques and consultation by C’BON “Facialists,” highly skilled beauty professionals

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