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GOOD SKIN TOMORROW Moisture Concentrate Drop

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Excellent for lines in the corners of eyes and nasolabial fold!
World first! Beauty essence that nourishes the skin.
Anti-wrinkle nanocapsule supplies collagen raw materials (amino acids), while supporting the skin to develop  collagen by itself at DNA level! The latest technology allows the capsule to absorb quickly and deeply into the skin and wrinkles and helps boost the moisture content to give firm and elastic skin.  Approved by anti-wrinkle product evaluation guidelines, it is effective for "fine wrinkles made by dry air becoming less noticeable ". It contains blended fragrances with more than 10 natural essential oils.

How to Use

1. Facial cleansing: First, cleanse your skin with facial cleanser so as not to strain it. (Another product)
2. Lotion: Apply an appropriate amount (such as a 500 yen coin size or diameter of one inch) and tap lightly to the whole face so it tones the face with full of moisture. (GOOD SKIN TOMORROW Moischarge Spa)
3. Serum: Push 2 – 3 times and apply onto your hand, gently spreading over the face as if wrapping your skin so it encloses the anti-wrinkle nanocapsules (This product)
4. Cream: Grab an appropriate amount of cream and apply gently on the face so as to confine moisture and anti-wrinkle nanocapsules on your skin. (GOOD SKIN TOMORROW Supreme Cream)

Use by

3 years if unopened. 2 months after open.


Water, glycerin, BG, pentylene glycol, squalane, xylitol


Awards & Credentials

Monde Selection 2016 Gold Award (cosmetics sector)

Message for You

We are a company based in Hokkaido (with our Head Office in Sapporo-city) that continues to develop and sell products under the theme of "Health and Beauty" for women. We would like to have women in Asian countries use the products that we have developed, so that we can support them from Hokkaido to age beautifully and brightly.

About Manufacturing

Hokkaido Anthropologie Corporation - with the theme of “Health and Beauty” for “mature women”, beautifully shining with the passing of time. We look to discover what these women value and what they are seeking, so that we can continue to make safe and reliable products.

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User Review

Wing Lam Tsui


筱晴 曾


Fung Ying Chan

Love this! It really moisturizes my skin! The scent of this product makes me feel relaxing too! I would recommend this to my friends.

Elika Ho

It is serum for anti-wrinkle. After I used the given one sample pack, nothing improved. I only get one sample this time, maybe anti-wrinkle products need to be used for a period to see the result.

Patricia Tang

搽上去有柑橘和薑的味道,我覺得味道幾好, 好喜歡,擦上皮膚一開始覺得有點油,但馬上就能吸收,有可能是自己膚質的關係,不過保濕效果出乎意料的好, 早晚用同在妝前使用, 都覺得OK沒問題, 冬天用一流