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Our anti-wrinkle nano capsule penetrates deep within the skin, maintaining hydration levels and providing great moisture retention. A human-type ceramide formulation replenishes the ceramide lost by aging, leading to youthful, firm and luminous skin. For oils that are essential to the retention of elements in the skin, plant-derived squalane and meadowfoam are used. The non-viscous squalane and meadowfoam are unnoticeably light and allow for great ease of use. We have prepared over ten kinds of natural essences.

How to Use

1. Facial cleansing: First, cleanse your skin with facial cleanser so as not to strain it. (Another product)

2. Lotion: Apply an appropriate amount (such as a 500 yen coin size or diameter of one inch) and tap lightly to the whole face so it tones the face with full of moisture. (GOOD SKIN TOMORROW Moischarge Spa)

3. Serum: Push 2 – 3 times and apply onto your hand, gently spreading over the face as if wrapping your skin so it encloses the anti-wrinkle nanocapsules (GOOD SKIN TOMORROW Moisture Concentrate Drop)

4. Cream: Grab an appropriate amount of cream and apply gently on the face so as to confine moisture and anti-wrinkle nanocapsules on your skin. (This product)

Use by

3 years if unopened. 2 months after open. 


Water, BG, squalane, neopentyl glycol dicaprate, pentylene glycol, meadowfoam oil, behenyl alcohol, glycerin, soybean seed extract, royal jelly extract, hydrolyzed American grape peel extract, honey 

Message for You

We are a company based in Hokkaido (with our Head Office in Sapporo-city) that continues to develop and sell products under the theme of "Health and Beauty" for women. We would like to have women in Asian countries use the products that we have developed, so that we can support them from Hokkaido to age beautifully and brightly. 

About Manufacturing

Hokkaido Anthropologie Corporation - with the theme of “Health and Beauty” for “mature women”, beautifully shining with the passing of time. We look to discover what these women value and what they are seeking, so that we can continue to make safe and reliable products.


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User Review

yue mei chen

The product smells pleasant, first use does not irritate the skin. However, too little sample, not enough to see the improvement of the skin