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Gentle Squalane

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Put a few drops of squalene and water in the palm of your hand and mix it, then gently work it into the areas you are using it for. The only ingredient is squalene, so it is simple and easy to understand. It is a widely-applicable beauty oil that can be used for dry skin, sensitive skin, and aging skin, as well as on yourself or for your soft skinned baby.


Escualeno (Squalene)

About Manufacturing

"I want to be healthy and beautiful" -- This is "7-color soap", which provides an answer to this thought.
In the present, where things are so bountiful, the age old desire "to be beautiful and healthy" remains unchanged. Also, because we use soap every day, research continues to look for a way to allow us to return to the natural world once more after using it. Soap, which has be loved for long years, brings together living healthily and beautifully; we gave it the name "7-color soap" to reflect this.
Like gazing up at the 7 colors of the rainbow in the sky, you can feel joy and happiness through "the creation of things." These thoughts, unchanged since our establishment, are quite like the chemistry of fats and oils.

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