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Gold Placenta Lotion

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The syrupy texture soaks quickly and smoothly into every nook and cranny of the horny cell layer. The gold nano-capsules release their beauty ingredients over time, so the flood of moisture remains in the skin for a long duration. You can feel a springiness and texture to your skin that’s different from the norm, and with continued use, the capsules draw out more and more of your skin’s luster.


Water, glycerin, BG, 1.2- hexane diol, betaine, glycosyl trehalose, placenta extract, Saccharomyces / caragana root fermentation extract, white fungus polysaccharide, lecithin hydrogenated, cholesterol, centifolia flower extract, gold, ascorbic acid Na, distearate polyglyceryl-10, gold chloride HCl, hydrolysis soybean extract (black soybean), Pell base Chia Canali Kurata extract, mucopolysaccharides, hyaluronic acid hydrolysis, hydrolyzed collagen, superoxide dismutase, Saccharomyces lysate extract, pyridoxine HCl, Panax ginseng root extract , hydrogenated starch hydrolysates, PEG-20 Sorubitankokoeto, carbomer, xanthan gum, gum arabic, lauroylglutamic di (phytosteryl / octyldodecyl), hydroxide K, polyglyceryl lauric acid -10, bicarbonate Na, pentetic acid 5Na, phenoxyethanol

About Manufacturing

E Face Co. Ltd. produces beauty and health products for Paris Miki (Megane no Miki). We provide extensive support for the planning and development of cosmetics, health food, and more.

In the twenty-first century, people live long lifespans; we based our work on the eternal theme: the desire to always be “younger, more beautiful, healthy, and abundant.” We started our beauty and health-related business in 2000, with the heartfelt wish to offer each and every customer the best service. Now that people have begun to place great importance on quality of life, their knowledge and interest concerning beauty and health is greatly increasing. We pursue “beauty” and “health” in harmony with nature, and in order to deliver better products, we make them with safe, carefully-selected ingredients and techniques to create high-quality genuine articles.

At the moment, we are attempting the development of skin care to suit individual customers by using mutual consultations delivered by smartphone, iPad and AirMicro. Furthermore, we wish to capitalize on the evidence and knowhow we cultivated through operating esthetic salons, in order to provide all our customers with the support they need to be healthier and more beautiful.

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