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This is a high concentration vitamin C beauty serum, containing 30% new moisturizing-type vitamin C derivative. Use for whitening, firmness and moisture retention. It reduces the stickiness and irritation that was a problem with high-concentration vitamin C products, using a gentle formulation free from 10 irritating ingredients, including paraben, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic colorings. This is a Hokkaido-made product containing Hokkaido silver birch extract and honey. 

How to Use

1. Every morning and evening, apply lathered facial cleanser and wash in a gentle smoothing motion to clean the skin.

2. Prepare with your usual face lotion to rehydrate the skin. In order that the VC30 Serum can sink in thoroughly, avoid lotions containing oil.

3. Gently press the head of the VC30 Serum dropper, take an appropriate amount of serum in the palm of your hand, and work it into dull patches or other problem areas using the tips of the fingers. If using on the whole face, take an appropriate amount of serum (2 - 3 drops) and gently work it across the whole face with the tips of the fingers. Please take care not to get any of the product in your eyes. You may feel a little stickiness, but this a sign of the high vitamin C content. Without wiping the serum off, wait for about 3 minutes after application and it will penetrate into the skin more effectively.

4. The serum possesses high moisture retention properties, but after application you can continue with your usual skincare routine by applying cream or similar. The serum will have penetrated through the skin, so it is fine to mix in other creams on the surface.

Use by

3 years if unopened. 2 months after open. 


Water, bisglyceryl ascorbic acid, glycerin, pentylene glycol, BG, hyaluronic acid Na, birch sap, honey, PCA-Na (sodium pyrrolidonecarboxylate), Kawara yyomogi flower extract, clove extract, polyglyceryl laurate-10, ethanol, water Sex proteoglycan, hydrolyzed collagen, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, glyceryl caprylate 

Message for You

We are a company based in Hokkaido (with our Head Office in Sapporo-city) that continues to develop and sell products under the theme of "Health and Beauty" for women. We would like to have women in Asian countries use the products that we have developed, so that we can support them from Hokkaido to age beautifully and brightly.

About Manufacturing

Hokkaido Anthropologie Corporation - with the theme of “Health and Beauty” for “mature women”, beautifully shining with the passing of time. We look to discover what these women value and what they are seeking, so that we can continue to make safe and reliable products.

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User Review

鈺寧 王


詩蓓 賴


Brian Chen

This type of cosmetic smells quite pleasant, does not irritate the skin, in addition there is no sense of the features of the prototype products which are too small, too little and only enough for once.
Should send a sufficient number of week to get a clearer and more accurate comment.