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Jumma Lotion - KUMAMOTO Jumma Cosmetics

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The face lotion includes lots of excellent nutritional ingredients, such as horse placenta extract, fermented soy milk solution, sato-zakura flower extract, and oligopeptide, for maximum effect on beautiful skin. The ingredients have high affinity with the serum and accelerates the moisturizing process. This allows not only for the moisturizing treatment of the dermis, but improves skin appearance by restoring tone and elasticity.

How to Use

Put the proper amount on the palm of your hand, and spread the product out evenly by pushing into it.


Water, placenta extract, propanediol, mannitol, diglycerin,PEG-20 sorbitan cocoate, pentylene glycol, Aspergillus / rice fermented liquid, soybean oil,Glycerin, ethanol, BG, lecithin, malic acid, ascorbic acid, caprylyl glycol,1,2-hexanediol, caprylhydroxamic acid, Na citrate, citric acid, sweet red root polysaccharide,Lactobacillus / Soy Milk Fermentation Solution, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Lemongrass Leaf / Stem Extract, Lavender Flower Extract,Wormwood Leaf Extract, Natamoma Seed Extract, Seiyo Mentha Leaf Extract, Stevia Leaf / Stem Extract Sweet Potato Leaf /Stem extract, Satzakura flower extract, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, acetyl decapeptide-3, oligopeptide-34

About Manufacturing

This product was created with women's skin in mind, using traditional horse oil as its base. The product uses 100% Kumamoto made, highly purified horse oil, which dwarfs conventional oils in comparison. Look and feel great, and uncover your unique charm that can't be replicated by imitators' products.
The big three for anti-aging care: "Protect," "Fight Wrinkles," and "Moisturize"
As the product uses all-natural ingredients, it's perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin.
Preparation, moisturization, and protection -- the three steps to beautiful skin.

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User Review

文懿 范


Rosnah Wati

I really like this cream because of the fragrant and delicate scent of anyone at hand. not sticky on the skin. my skin is always moist and young. now my skin is getting pretty and radiant. thank you Cosmeria, the best and high quality sample.

Yi Sin Law


Phoebe Lin

喜歡它的質地清爽, 擦在皮膚上很快的被吸收, 讓整臉的保濕度十足。後續再加上保養品,能夠更快速被吸收. 沒有特殊香味,很天然,使用起來很安心。若搭配同產品的馬油,效果一定更好 。愛美的你,不妨試試看喔!

Wing Lam Tsui