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Jumma Serum - KUMAMOTO Jumma Cosmetics

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This is a booster serum to provide your skin with the necessary oils.
The serum supplements the skin with healthy oils and horse placenta extract. The horse oil softens and prepares to moisturize the skin. The placenta extract protects the skin from damage, and strengthens the skin itself, restoring tone and elasticity. It also treats and moisturizes aging signs such as crow's feet and laugh lines.

How to Use

After face-washing, spread the product evenly while gently massaging your face and neck.
Use 5 - 10 drops in the morning, and 10 - 15 drops in the evening.


Liquid horse oil, placenta extract, olive fruit oil, tocopherol

About Manufacturing

This product was created with women's skin in mind, using traditional horse oil as its base. The product uses 100% Kumamoto made, highly purified horse oil, which dwarfs conventional oils in comparison. Look and feel great, and uncover your unique charm that can't be replicated by imitators' products.
The big three for anti-aging care: "Protect," "Fight Wrinkles," and "Moisturize"
As the product uses all-natural ingredients, it's perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin.
Preparation, moisturization, and protection -- the three steps to beautiful skin.

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User Review

Fung Cheung

A little bit too oily and the sample size is too small. But still thank you cosmeria to give me a chance to try it. I enjoy the candy!

Yui Wan

It is quite soft.  It absorbs well but a little oily.i hope the product  will be quite thin not that oil

Elika Ho

It's good for dry skin type to use in dry winter. But not recommend to oily skin, and not recommend to use in summer.

文懿 范


Chang Yi Ting

A kind of good oil to be used in winter. But I am afraid that it will be too oily for summer. I recommend to those who has dry skin type.