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KEANA Clear Gel

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This clean & refreshing gel creme takes the moisture in your skin supplemented with KEANA Clear Lotion and seals it in using natural emollients such as olive squalane, rose hip oil, and camellia oil. It preserves the skin's suppleness, normalizes the excretion of aging keratin, and facilitates the tightening of pores. A natural ceramide blend moisturizes the skin from the inside, without creating an opportunity for pores to widen. The creme also features a blend of the Nobel prize-winning ingredient fullerene and botanical placenta extract to create that clean, youthful, lustrous, elastic complexion unique to women.

How to Use

After moisturizing with KEANA Clear Lotion, take an appropriate amount of the gel creme onto your hand and smooth it over your face. Apply a second layer to areas prone to drying.


Fullerene, arnica flower extract , ivy leaf / stem extract , satsuma mandarin orange peel extract, tea leaf extract, Scutellaria root extract, chamomile flower extract, artichoke leaf extract, aloe vera leaf extract, kudzu root extract, chlorella extract, fennel fruit extract , squalane, camellia oil , rose hip oil, hyaluronic acid Na, succinoglucan Il atelocollagen, cerebrosid, tocopherol, retinol palmitate, Tetraisopalmitate ascorbyl, corn oil, glycyrrhizin acid 2K, aminocaproic acid, allantoin, glycerin, water, BG, carbomer, hydroxide K, phenoxyethanol, pentylene glycol, glyceryl stearate (SE), PEG-10 glyceryl stearate, PEG - 20 glyceryl stearate, sorbitan sesquioleate, PVP

About Manufacturing

We are a cosmetics brand holding an office / beauty salon in Daikanyama-cho in Shibuya. We sell and wholesale our products, while managing facial beauty salons, developing and manufacturing products for other companies, holding classes for aesthetician skills, and offering consulting for managing business. The director of our planning department is a highly-experienced individual who has been an aesthetician for 25 years and part of our cosmetics planning department for 23 years, and is fully aware of the delicately-changing female skins to create products that can work for all kinds of skin types.

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