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KOME LAB Sake Yeast Extract

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An extract from the miraculous yeast chosen from the cream of the crop of the sake yeast passed-down amongst sake breweries. It contains balanced and abundant amounts of beauty ingredients such as amino acids from the yeast which will make your skin supple and glossy. Supplement your usual skin care, and you will feel the difference in moisturization.

How to Use

Facewash⇒ This product ⇒ Face lotion ⇒ milk lotion/ cream
1. To make it easier to apply, first warm an adequate amount in your palm.
2. Apply to face as if covering whole face in palm.

About Manufacturing

Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery was founded in 1625.
Sake is not only a drink, also a beauty aid. It is a famous story that sake brewery workers have beautiful, radiant hands.
We have focused upon such beneficial elements of sake that make skin supple and moist, and developed our skincare products.

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