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KOME LAB Sake Yeast Extract

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An extract from the miraculous yeast chosen from the cream of the crop of the sake yeast passed-down amongst sake breweries. It contains balanced and abundant amounts of beauty ingredients such as amino acids from the yeast which will make your skin supple and glossy. Supplement your usual skin care, and you will feel the difference in moisturization.

How to Use

Facewash⇒ This product ⇒ Face lotion ⇒ milk lotion/ cream
1. To make it easier to apply, first warm an adequate amount in your palm.
2. Apply to face as if covering whole face in palm.

About Manufacturing

Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery was founded in 1625.
Sake is not only a drink, also a beauty aid. It is a famous story that sake brewery workers have beautiful, radiant hands.
We have focused upon such beneficial elements of sake that make skin supple and moist, and developed our skincare products.

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User Review

Elika Ho

I am very appreciate it is a regular size product. The result is very obviously. My face become smoother after using a week.  

Fung Ying Chan

The texture is light and moisturizing. I like this product but seems it is little that only has 20mL. My pore seems becoming smaller after using it!

Fung Cheung

I love this product! It is moisturizing and unscented. I can feel that my skin become smoother than before!!

Candy Leung

很好用好清爽, 好快就吸收. 用後皮膚滑左. 以為酵母原液會好大陣味好驚會唔舒服, 但原來無香料的, 質地唔錯好水潤, 每日使用都唔覺得唔舒服. 如同介紹一樣能實際感受到「水潤度的不同」, 值得使用!


很高興能申請到試用~試了一星期KOME LAB Sake Yeast Extract,是無香味的,保濕效果不錯,質地完全不黏膩,水水的質地,延展性好容易推開,快快的全部吸收