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Kothala Himbutu Lotion

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“Kothala Hibutu” is a native Sri Lankan herb, which fetches a high price due to strict export controls by the government; it is known as “the blessing of the gods.” Due to the cooperative efforts of industry and academia, Kothala Hibutu has been scientifically proven to hinder the enzyme activities that break saccharides down into glucose, and the product lineups are based on this evidence.

By suppressing saccharide absorption, Kothala both protects against diabetes mellitus and functions as an antioxidant, so users can expect fat-burning (diet) as well as better skin (constipation relief) effects. Furthermore, it appears that we are the only company to offer cosmetic products that use the leaves of Kothala Himutu, and we are recognized as an authority for the powers of our skin beauty supplements.

Kothala Himutu has a history as a food ingredient, and its composition includes plenty of antioxidants to reduce burdens on skin as well as polyphenol-type ingredients, making it perfect as an aging care product. Furthermore, our company considers it a “science cosmetic” for the purpose of bettering skin problems. This face lotion contains carefully selected natural ingredients—with added extracts from the stems and leaves of Kothala Himutu—and has a characteristic thickness thanks to the leaf extract, making it gentle on the skin.


Water, ethanol , sorbitol , glycerin, betaine , BG, pectin salacia retinyl Kurata tree extract, Salacia retinyl, Kurata leaf extract, rosemary extract, sage extract, lemon grass extract, olive leaf extract, sucrose , carrageenan , Shirokurage polysaccharide - Chuberosu polysaccharide - 1,2- hexane diol caprylyl glycol citric acid Na · citric acid

About Manufacturing

Pioneer Corporation directly imports the Kothala Himutu from Sri Lanka, under the strict supervision of the Sri Lankan government. These products, which use all-natural ingredients and feature no additives, are developed based on evidence from industry-academic research; most of them have been patented; and great pains are taken to avoid adding any unnecessary ingredients.

This product line has a reputation for producing extensive all-purpose effects, with powers of anti-sugar conversion, anti-fat conversion, and anti-oxidation as driving forces, and we hope to blaze a trail in the aging care marketplace.

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