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LOGONA Volumen Shampoo

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“Volume shampoo, beer and honey” is a German produced product made from the grandma wisdom “beer for hair care!” Beer contains around 8,000 ingredients (Wine’s ingredients: around 500.) This incredibly complex drink includes a rich amount of amino acids, vitamin Bs for beautiful skin, and minerals. Among these the amino acid “cystine” stands out. Cystine bonds in your hair are easily cut by UV light and perms, but the cystine contained in beer supports these bonds, giving your hair resilience and bounce.


Water, beer, denatured alcohol (from wheat) *, coconut oil alkyl glucoside, glycerin, cocoyl glutamic acid 2Na, cocoyl glutamic acid Na, PCA-Na, glyceryl oleic acid, honey *, tow calendula flower extract *, hydrolyzed silk, wheat bran extract, xanthan gum, citric acid, phytic acid, fragrance (essential oil)

About Manufacturing

The cosmetic brand LOGONA began in 1975 from an organic store in Germany. Using no petroleum-derived ingredients, instead combining the maximum amount of organic ingredients, they have been so successful that they are now called the world’s pioneers of natural cosmetics. They extract extracts from herbs in their own factories, and the variety of these extracts is said to be the best in the organic cosmetics industry. “Products that can be used from head to toe by women, men, and the whole family.”With their natural and organic certifications from independent organizations you can be assured of their quality.

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