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How to Use

Cleansing Water Gel (Placenta extract cleanser)
- Gently massage onto the entire face, and wash it off using warm water, etc.

Cleansing Foam (Placenta extract cleansing foam)
- Apply a thin layer of foam onto the entire face. After covering all the small areas, wash it off using warm water, etc.

Placenta Lotion (Placenta extract double-layered lotion)
- Cleanse your face before using it. Use liberally on your face in the morning and evening.

Placenta Cream (Placenta extra cream)
In the morning and evening, apply the cream on your face after applying the lotion.

Extra Cream (Placenta extra cream)
- In the morning and evening, apply the cream on your face after applying the lotion.

Awards & Credentials

The 1st Cosmetic General Election
Full line category: 1st place
Lotion category: 1st place

The 3rd Cosmetic General Election
Aging category: gold prize


About Manufacturing

- For the possibility in you -
UTP's La PRECIA series includes specially-selected placenta extract and water-soluble proteoglycan, passionflower fruit extract, and more beautifying ingredients. The products realize your potential to create a beautiful-looking skin that fits you.

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User Review

Ruby Chan

I only got 6 small samples not same with the picture ! It's can use for 2 days only not the description said 7 days . The face cream is good enough to moisturizing and the cleanser not make me feel dry on my skin .

Elika Ho

It is not a 7 days trial pack, I only get 6 small sample packs od 6 different products. For the cleaning Water Gel, Cleansing Cream and Cleansing Foam, they won't make me feel dry after usage. For Placenta Lotion, Placenta Cream and Extra Cream,  I can only say they are moisture enough. But actually these are anti-aging products. It is difficult to say how is their anti-aging effect.

Maple Chow


yi ting chang

I receive a pack of 6 different products. Overall, I like the products especially the cleansing water gel (wish this can be purchased from cosmeria store). Others like cream and lotion, as i only receive a pack, it is hard to feel the effectiveness from the products. I hope that next time can receive larger size of sample!