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MANUAN Cleansing Wash

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One item with four uses (face washing, cleansing, body washing, sunscreen removal). With an amino acid based cleansing component as a base, it is a low-irritation cleansing agent which even small children can use. 300ml in volume, which can be used as a family. 

How to Use

1. Cleansing + face washing: put a moderate amount in your hand and blend it into your makeup. After that, rinse it off in 10 minutes with cold or lukewarm water.
2. Body wash: put a moderate amount in your hand and, after building up a good lather, softly wash with it.
3. Sunscreen removal: when removing sunscreen, use the same procedure as when cleansing.

Use by

Use within 1 year after opening


PCA-Na (natural moisturizing factor), child coil alanine TEA, polyglyceryl laurate-10

About Manufacturing

We are a special inorganic ingredients maker with our main office based in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. We manufacture and sell calcia-related products using limestone produced in Mine City of the same prefecture as raw material, and products related to magnesia taken from sea water with quick lime as raw material. Among those, our health care business develops toothpaste, bath salts, and cosmetics as BtoC business.


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