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MANUAN Hand Cream

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A long-time seller 40 years since release. A hand cream which has earned tremendous support from beauticians, chefs, manicurists, and other occupations which overuse their hands. An all-purpose cream which can also be used as a soothing, protective cream after shaving and hair removal. Unscented; no added coloring.

How to Use

Take a moderate amount into your clean, moisture-free hands, and rub it in well. 

Use by

Use within 1 year of opening


Vitamin E derivative, vitamin A derivative, ammonium glycyrrhizinate, Na copper copper chlorophosphate

About Manufacturing

We are a special inorganic ingredients maker with our main office based in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. We manufacture and sell calcia-related products using limestone produced in Mine City of the same prefecture as raw material, and products related to magnesia taken from sea water with quick lime as raw material. Among those, our health care business develops toothpaste, bath salts, and cosmetics as BtoC business.


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