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Make It & Co. Face and Body Wash Oil

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With a lavender essential oil blend, it is recommended for people with normal skin, dry skin and aging skin. The fragrance of lavender gives soothing effect, while beautifying your skin. Some kinds of dirt come off more easily with water, while some come off more easily with oil. You will be surprised at how fast this hydrophilic product becomes emulsified; it can remove both kinds of dirt entirely. On top of that, it will not leave your face feeling sticky after washing. This one product will provide full care, acting as a cleanser, face-wash, toner and emulsion, all in one, leaving your face smooth and moist.


Organic Soybean oil, Oleic acid PEG-40 sorbitol (beet sugar), Myristic acid Isopupiru (palm oil), Acetic acid tocopherol (natural vitamin E), Fragrance (see below), Organic Fragrance is the only organic essential oils . Citrus - citrus essential oil , Tea tree essential oil, Lavender - lavender essential oil, Linalool essential oil

About Manufacturing

Hitomi - if you are looking for organic and natural cosmetics. Hitomi carries natural and high quality British cosmetics brand, such as Fragrant Earth, Make It & Co., Style Aroma, OSCIEM. A variety of products are available including essential oils that give off gentle fragrances of nature, wash oils that can be used for the entire body, aroma sprays that can be used according to the scene, and simple and basic skincare products. If you are taking into consideration the toll on the skin, and re-considering using skin care products such as cleansing oils or all-in-one cosmetics, we recommend organic cosmetics that use English aroma therapy as a base.

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