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Marine Drop Premium

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It’s not just the texture that makes it interesting, as it is full of ingredients that deliver beautiful skin, including natural spring water from Kaike, marine collagen, moisturizing fucoidan, as well as hyaluronan. We especially recommend it for people with dry or sensitive skin. It is a gentle soap that can also be used on infants. Enjoy its soft and gentle clean.


systemic jelly soap (weakly alkaline)

About Manufacturing

Kaike Onsen started in 1900 when fishermen found a hot spring bubbling up under the sea. Although it is a hot spring area with a relatively short history, it is the largest in the Sanin area, and the inn district surrounding it stretches 1km to the east and west and 0.4 km to the north and south, and boasts 30 tourist inns, hotels, and public boarding houses, that offer accommodation for up to 4500 people.

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