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Matome Hair Arrange Water

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Wax water spray that makes hair more manageable and easier to arrange. It works well even for braided hair, etc.

This product alone allows you to be in precise control of your hair arrangement, whether your hair is loosely arranged or braided.

Fine or dry hair is also held together securely.

Keeps your hair soft and your hair arrangement in place even when you run your fingers through your hair repeatedly.

Matomage is used by a wide range of people in many different settings and remains a favorite among children learning ballet and dancing, middle and high school girls concerned about their unmanageable hair and bangs, CA’s who want to convey an impression of neatness, female company workers, etc. Since it first went on sale in 1996, a total of over 15.5 million units in this series have been sold.


Unity component [ shea butter glycereth -8 Esuteruzu ] , three of Tsuyameki component [ camellia oil , Alga near spinosa kernel oil , baobab seed oil ]

About Manufacturing

In 2017, 90 years will have passed since the establishment of Utena. Guided by our corporate philosophy of “making a sincere contribution to society and bringing satisfaction and happiness to people”, we have been supplying safe and secure merchandise that are loved by our customers. The name of our company refers to the calyx of a flower, the base part that supports the petals. Like the calyx supporting the beautiful petals, the idea behind our name is that we “aim to support the beauty of all people”.

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