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Mineral Foundation Starter Kit

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1. Matte Smooth Mineral Foundation (4 shades, SPF30/PA++)

For smooth, porcelain-like skin that survives close combat.
Long-lasting, pore-concealing semi-matte finish.
Provides a soft focus effect that casts a light veil over pores, wrinkles, and lines.
ETVOS’ unique technology incorporates a coating of moisture into the powder that moisturizes and protects the skin from dryness.
Removable with hand soap, so there is no need for special cleansers.

2. Night Mineral Foundation

Prescription foundation that can be worn to bed.
This glossy powder can be used as a base foundation or finishing powder.

From use as a mineral foundation base layer or finishing powder, to a bedtime treatment, this powder has a variety of uses. Also perfect for nighttime use when you do not want to go to bed without makeup on.

3. Face Kabuki Brush (soft case included)

Made with high grade Taklon synthetic hair. This round-tipped brush is recommended for times when you want to apply foundation to your entire face or cheeks.
This round-tipped brush is recommended for times when you want to apply foundation to your entire face or cheeks.
This brush is gentle on the skin, and not prickly. Easy to clean with simple hand soap for hygienic usage. 


Matt Smooth Mineral Foundation : mica , zinc oxide , silica , lauroyllysine , ( +/-) titanium oxide , iron oxide , hydroxide Al, Puseudo Jimma Tsukuba yen cis / ( olive oil / glycerin / soy protein) fermented product
Night mineral foundation : mica , silica , kaolin , olive oil ( organic ) , ascorbyl phosphate Mg, tocopherol , vitamin A oil , titanium oxide
Face Kabuki Brush: clever presentation made
Enriched silky primer ( sample ) : Silk , isostearic acid , glycosyl trehalose , hydrogenated starch hydrolysates , water , polyquaternium -61

About Manufacturing

At “ETVOS,” we strive to produce cosmetics and skincare products made with simple ingredients that offer perfect results, are easy to use, and that can be purchased at affordable prices for reasonable daily use.
Skin care based on dermatology designed to boost the skin’s natural strength, and mineral makeup that requires no special cleansers and will not burden the skin.
With these two synergistic effects combined, ETVOS brings out even more of your natural beauty.

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User Review

Lim Sandii

When I got this item, I was overwhelmed...well, who doesn't, when they receive such a lovely and COMPLETE set of skincare/cosmetics! The set comes with booklets, soap, argan oil, moisturising lotion & serum, primer, matte mineral foundation, night foundation and not to forget a very very lovely brush~

I used my common makeup remover and followed by this kit's soap, lotion and after that I used the argan oil mixed with the serum on face. I like how the lotion gets absorbed into my skin so quickly. I did notice slightly smoother skin with less visible pores on my near-to-nose area on my cheeks on the next morning.  

I don't have habit of using primer but I gave this primer a try. It feels slightly different from the primers I have tried before some time ago. Unlike my past experiences that the primer dissolves my BB cream and made concealing difficult; this primer does not dissolve my foundation/BB cream. I am not sure if my makeup last longer or not, as I usually don't go out under the sun so I can't feedback much about the lasting power. The matte foundation is not suitable for my skin as it doesn't cover much on my sun spots. I prefer to stick back to my current compact type. This one works well on girls with spotless and even skin tones. However, the kabuki brush is one of the best item that I love in this set! The bristles are so soft and I really like it!

Laurice Capalungan

Not a review. Why almost of your items is out of stock? I really want to try this product. Please let us know if when it would be available. Godbless

Mary Paul

I have oily skin type and this starter kit quite works good for me. I've been using the skincare everyday and I'm loving everything especially the ETVOS argan oil coz eventhough I have oily skin, I still use it to lessen the appearance of my acne scars which definitely works effectively. I also love how non-sticky and light the consistency of the ETVOS moisturizer and lotion. While for the makeup base, I love it but it doesn't give that much of a coverage especially for people with acne scarring and skin type like me.
ps. It would be better if the manuals are also translated to English especially if they're into making their products known internationally. :)

Beatrix Villalon

I wore the mineral powder through the whole day and while I was pretty much under the sun for the majority of it, I was still very disappointed for the fact that I had oiled up a LOT. I had to retouch 3-5 times which is more than my usual 2-3 times for my usual product. While the performance of the mineral powder was disappointing, the saving grace were the other skincare products. I love the moisturizing serum! My skin feels incredibly soft after I put it on! Not sure if I would get this again, but I think this would be a good product for people who like to have that natural and lightweight make-up look. While this didn't work for me, I would still like to recommend this to people just for the skincare product at the very least.

Emil Gulapa

This is a really good gives me a natural looking blooming haggardless hydrated skin(i have a very oily skin). But I hope they have english translations of the brochures so that non japanese customers will able to understand and will enjoyed more the product...but again im really looking forward to see this product around beauty sections in my country. thanks for the sample. by the way i really love the brush....all high quality