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Moist lotion - chulala

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Coral waters are mixed with mineral essences taken from the deep ocean waters (brine) around Kumejima. These are further mixed with essence of shell ginger leaf, a herb from Okinawa that is good for the skin, and extracts of active ingredients taken from these leaves, into a facial moisturizer. You can expect to feel the moisturizing effects of ocean minerals and the anti aging effects of shell ginger.

How to Use

After washing your face, take a small amount in your palm or on a cotton pad, and massage generally over the entire face.



Water, glycerin, pentylene glycol, sorbitol, bittern, ethylhexyl glycerin, BG, xanthan gum, Na hyaluronic acid, Flaxantopo flower extract, Souhakuhikisu, Kawara yoyogi extract, Loofah extract, ghetto leaf extract, fragrance

About Manufacturing

The restaurant “Tokino” opened in Ginza in 1974. This place was the origin of SONOKO.

Incentivized by her beloved son’s eating disorder, the founder, Sonoko Suzuki, thoroughly researched nutritional science and biochemistry. She established a unique meal-theory, placing top priority on things which do not cause a burden to the body.

Before long, the restaurant started to offer additive-free and oil-free food items for the first time in Japan. It immediately gathered a great amount of support.
The foundation of beauty is health. That belief, unchanged from the time of establishment, has continued to support all women who try to live beautifully, contributing today through food products and cosmetics.


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