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OMNIST Vital Essence

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- Natural skin care 100% made from food-based ingredients.
- Uses Traditional Japanese Biotechnology to bring out your youthfulness.
- A convenient and easy to use all-in-one beauty essence.
- Steadily penetrates and absorbs—your skin “drinks it up”.
Food-based ingredients - Ingredients are 100% produced in Japan. The ideal skin should have a concentration of essential nutrients stemming from natural ingredients that are filled with the earth’s “life force”. Starting with pesticide-free rice, all of the carefully selected ingredients are 100% produced in Japan.
Patented Biotechnology - Traditional Japanese Biotechnology. Fermentation has been a traditional, popular form of biotechnology used in Japan since ancient times. Through fermentation, nutrients are concentrated, increasing their ability to be absorbed. This process has established and renowned as an effective anti-aging method in Japan.


hyaluronic acid, collagen fermented extract (bird-derived hyaluronic acid and collagen, water, rice bran, sake lee, derived from rice koji), glycerin (derived from palm oil), xanthan gum (corn derived), orange extract

About Manufacturing

- Developed by Seika Kimoto, Japanese practitioner of Chinese medicine and holder of nine patents in Japan.
- Winner of the Hyogo Governor’s Prize, Innovative Business Project Certification, and many other awards.
- Everything aspect of production, from research & development to manufacturing, is conducted at a single proprietary licensed cosmetics plant for safety.
- Produced by a unit of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the food industry, allowing the creation of a skincare product with tough-to-attain “100% ingredient sourcing”
- A long history of promotion on television and in numerous newspapers, magazines, and books

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