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Plus Pure VC25

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Since ancient times, vitamin C has been known as a cure-all for the skin. However, vitamin C is a hard ingredient to handle for cosmetic products.
The product made to solve that problem is the “Plus Pure VC25.” For this product, use of the original “A-PVC design” manufacturing method allowed us to succeed at sealing a massive concentration of vitamin C inside—the vitamin C content of 130 lemons is distributed within 10mL of serum. Skin possesses moisture and oil content. Since typical serums are water-based, it takes time for them to permeate the skin, and it is possible for the effects of the vitamin C to disappear before soaking in. 
However, due to the A-PVC design, Plus Pure VC25 serum is amphiphilic, meaning that it can be dissolved by both water and oils. Thanks to this technology, the high concentration of vitamin C will swiftly penetrate deep into the skin. Plus Pure VC25, which contains the highest concentration of pure Vitamin C of any serum in Japan, will lead the way to smooth, springy, beautiful skin. We have received many happy comments from customers who have really been able to feel the effects of the serum. Wouldn’t you like to try this serum, featuring highly-concentrated pure vitamin C, and really feel its next-day effects for yourself?

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Methylpyrrolidone, ascorbic acid, butyrolactone, diglycerol, BG, PG, glycerin, PEG-8, orange peel oil, lavender oil

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At Excellent Medical, the products we handle are doctor’s cosmetics and supplements, developed in cooperation with medical specialists and medical institutions.
With higher ratios of active ingredients compared to other items on the market, it is important for us that a customer chooses the precise product that suits the nature of their skin and their health condition.

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Hoàng Thu Hằng
2019/03/30 Delete

Chúng thực sự tốt...phù hợp với mọi loại da,không gây kích ứng..mùi hương dễ chịu mà giá thành rất hợp lí

2019/02/18 Delete


R GI Chen

Plus Pure VC25,它是滴管型的,所以也不會也倒太多的問題,第一次使用它,覺得很神奇,光是味道就是很濃厚的,抹開時會熱熱的,但一下下就會被皮膚吸收了,不過臉會黏黏的,對我來說蠻滋潤的,後續再上化妝水和乳液後,就不會有黏黏的這個問題。每天使用,皮膚會愈來愈好,至於化妝方面,我個人沒有化妝的習慣,所以也不知道也沒有比較好上妝,這個精華液我還是會推薦大家來試試!

Pin Yu

味道聞起來像檸檬精油有淡淡的果香,而它是透明無色有一點黏稠度,加上「Plus Pure VC25維他命C亮白精華」使用量不需要多,有時後比較懶的話可以直接滴在乳液裡面混合使用

Sammi Liu