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Pore Lotion PL

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A toner that thoroughly removes excess waste and oil from your skin for moist and comfortable pores. Wiping removes dirt, and with infused fullerene*, collagen*, and aloe vera extract**, easily reaches the horny cell layer for soft and smoist skin. *product's antioxidative components **moisturizing components

How to Use

After your morning and evening cleanse, thoroughly soak a cotton pad. Thoroughly apply on your skin while gently patting from the center of your face outwards. For areas with dirty pores that bother you, do not rub, but lightly slide the cotton pad to wipe them off.


Water, spring water, BG, glycerin, pentylene glycol, cyclodextrin, fullerene, polyquaternium -51, hydrolyzed collagen, aloe vera leaf extract, hydrolyzed yeast extract, chlorella extract, arginine, PVP, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben

About Manufacturing

This product is manufactured by CRE CHEZ Cosmetics Co., Ltd. of the Strois Group, with Strois Co., Ltd. (founded 22 years ago) at its center. The Strois Group is a comprehensive group of cosmetic companies which consistently conducts everything from product planning, development, and manufacturing, to sales at in-house salons (about 80 stores), wholesaling to salons of other companies (about 400 stores), and sales to cosmetics shops (about 200 stores). In recent years, the pore care cosmetics series "Poreless Labo" has become extremely popular in Japan.

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