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Precious Essence - MIEL MARIAGE

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A concentrated beauty essence luxuriously blending white honey with other ingredients such as extracts of Royal Jelly and Asian ginseng.
This indispensable anti-aging product can be mixed with Precious Serum, Precious Lotion, or used on its own.

How to Use

1. Precious Essence can be mixed with one or two drops of lotion, milk, or cream that you have at hand.
2. For areas of most concern, such as wrinkles and lacklustre skin around the eyes and mouth, lavishly apply one or two drops of the essence on its own.
* We recommend mixing only with MIEL MARIAGE lotions and serums, which are absorbed into the skin according to prescription formulas.


Otaninjin extract, licorice root extract, mugwort root extract, chamomile flower extract, Novara oil

Awards & Credentials


Message for You

Revolutionary anti-aging products utilizing the moisturizing power of white honey, and 'EGF', a Nobel prize winning protein.
'A beauty that's timeless'

About Manufacturing

Our cosmetic range is the result of a commercial/academic partnership, developed in collaboration with Professor Morishita at Osaka University's Graduate School of Medicine.
Rare white honey has been utilized together with a protein known as 'EGF' (Epidermal Growth Factor), the discovery of which garnered a Nobel prize. Our carefully prepared products use an original recipe combining these two components, in accordance with 'Phytotherapy', the science based theory of deriving medicines from plants.
The achievements of MIEL MARIAGE have now been picked up by numerous media outlets. Please visit our website, and official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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User Review

佩君 柯


Elika Ho

It is product for aging problem. After I used the given one sample set, nothing improved. I only get one sample this time, maybe anti-aging problem products need to be used for a period to see the result. For trial, it's good and moist enough.

宜樺 何


Rosnah Wati

good product, perfectly suited to my skin. quality ingredients and healthy skin. my skin is now softer and healthier.

Syou YU

質地相當清爽好吸收 !  香味也很好聞 ! 整體來說相當棒!! 擦上去就很有感~ 超喜歡的!!推薦給大家~~ 敏感肌也超適合 不會覺得有乾癢氾紅 吸收的很快  ~一次補滿肌膚水份!!改善皮膚換季困擾~