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Precious Lotion - MIEL MARIAGE

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An effective lotion with blended plant extracts that improve the skin's moisturizing power and barrier function to retain moisture. As well as being full of plant extracts, a combination of white honey, rich nutrients and firming ingredients in this lotion give the skin firmness and bounce.

How to Use

1. After washing your face, squeeze a small amount of the lotion (press down 5-6 times on the bottle) into your hand, or onto a cotton pad.
2. Using a lifting motion, with the palms of your hands spread the lotion over your face so it is absorbed evenly.
3. With the side of your finger, try to permeate the lotion into every corner, such as around the bottom of the nose. While carefully using the soft tip of your finger for those areas of most concern, such as around the eyes.
4. Finally, press both hands against your face, as though gently enclosing it, so the last of the lotion is absorbed.


Xeniaoi flower extract, Europe birch bark extract, clara root extract, kawara yoyogi extract, chamomile flower extract, rosemary leaf extract

Message for You

Revolutionary anti-aging products utilizing the moisturizing power of white honey, and 'EGF', a Nobel prize winning protein.
'A beauty that's timeless'

About Manufacturing

Our cosmetic range is the result of a commercial/academic partnership, developed in collaboration with Professor Morishita at Osaka University's Graduate School of Medicine.
Rare white honey has been utilized together with a protein known as 'EGF' (Epidermal Growth Factor), the discovery of which garnered a Nobel prize. Our carefully prepared products use an original recipe combining these two components, in accordance with 'Phytotherapy', the science based theory of deriving medicines from plants.
The achievements of MIEL MARIAGE have now been picked up by numerous media outlets. Please visit our website, and official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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