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Precious Serum - MIEL MARIAGE

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In addition to EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) and white honey, seventeen types of plant extract, hyaluronic acid, and collagen are all blended together in this effective serum.
Works against signs of aging such as wrinkles, lacklustre skin, sagging, and dark rings under the eyes.

How to Use

1. Squeeze a small amount of the serum into your hand (press down 2-3 times on the bottle) and spread evenly over your face, using a basic upward motion.
2. Press the palms of your hands firmly over your face, as if gently enclosing it, and allow the serum to be absorbed.
3. Raise your chin a little, and massage your neck with the four fingers of your hand, moving in an upward direction. This is effective against wrinkles and dull, lacklustre skin around the neck.


Uncalarmentimenta extract, rosemary oil, brown algae extract, sugarcane extract, sugar maple sap, bilberry leaf extract

Awards & Credentials


Message for You

Revolutionary anti-aging products utilizing the moisturizing power of white honey, and 'EGF', a Nobel prize winning protein.
'A beauty that's timeless'

About Manufacturing

Our cosmetic range is the result of a commercial/academic partnership, developed in collaboration with Professor Morishita at Osaka University's Graduate School of Medicine.
Rare white honey has been utilized together with a protein known as 'EGF' (Epidermal Growth Factor), the discovery of which garnered a Nobel prize. Our carefully prepared products use an original recipe combining these two components, in accordance with 'Phytotherapy', the science based theory of deriving medicines from plants.
The achievements of MIEL MARIAGE have now been picked up by numerous media outlets. Please visit our website, and official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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User Review

katie chang

I receive a pack of serum and a pack of essence. As I only tried once, it is difficult to say it is good or not. The serum is a little bit sticky and the essence is not moisturizing enough.

Yuii Imyy

收到miel mariage的sample了,
當中包含一包precious serum和一包precious essence,

先說precious serum,

然後是precious essence,