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Queen’s Mist

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“Dehydration” and “UV rays” can cause wrinkles when insufficient levels of collagen disallow your skin to support itself against such skin wrinkling agents. That is why it is so important to always replenish moisture! With one spritz of Queen’s Mist, you can easily provide skincare to even those hard to reach places like the back, all without getting your hands dirty. This exceptional product can even be used to moisten your hair, all with the guaranteed quality of Yamaga groundwater as its indispensable primary ingredient. Moisturizing care with just one bottle is downright prudent!


Water, glycerin · BG · ethanol trehalose hydrolyzed collagen , hyaluronic acid Na, Dog rose fruit extract, peony root extract , burnet extract, angelica root extract, aloe ferox leaf extract, Magwa root bark extract Clara extract, Asian ginseng extract, citric acid , citric acid Na · phenoxyethanol

About Manufacturing

The company “Lilac” was founded under the notion that from paradise wafts the fragrance of a lilac bouquet. The exact flower that blooms in paradise may vary depending on the country and religion, however we here at Lilac pray that every time our product is delivered into the hands of our customers, the fragrance of lilac follows close at hand.

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