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Quince lotion

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The perfume maker of ‘Kuni perfume’, which was dearly used by the Imperial Household Agency, produced this quince lotion. It was developed from quince seeds, for a family who suffered hand rash. It is gaining popularity by word of mouths. Please try the experience and special feeling reserved only for our users.

How to Use

Apply after shower or before bed on your skin, and you will be surprised how moisturized it feels the next morning. Use a generous amount for not only face, but also neck, body, and toes. It is particularly great for winter when the skin gets drier. This is a lotion unlike any other, essential for protecting your skin.

Other usages include the following: Use it as a foundation cream. Directly apply face powder on top of a layer of quince lotion. It will give your skin amazing moisture and clarity, thanks to the lotion’s moisturizing effect. The lotion will help maintain your make up for a long time, and it is suitable for treating facial parts that are oilier or drier than the rest. Some customers are excited that it solved their skin troubles almost instantly. You can apply it to very dry parts such as elbows and heels too, as well as the whole body. When you apply it on your sculpture, it will vitalize your hair.

Use by

Storage period of 2 years
Quince lotion can be kept at room temperature for two years even after it is opened. While it does not contain any preservatives or additives, the high quality essence of quince makes the lotion last for a long time.


Purified water, Karin extract, alcohol, potassium hydroxide, glycerin

About Manufacturing

Kuni perfume, designed by Prince Kuni Asaakira, the elder brother to the former Queen Mother, has a very refined Jasmine scent. This perfume was loved mainly by the former imperial family since 1951. In developing Kuni perfume and all other products, we consider your skin, health, and the environment as the most important thing. The simple and timeless package design also expresses Kuni corporation luli’s love for our products and customers.

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