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This is a skin care product which you can use to comprehensively care for your skin, including whitening, aging care and moisture retention. It does not include any animal placenta such as from pigs in its ingredients, rather we have blended the rose placenta extract or the stem cell extract produced from the damask rose harvested in Bulgaria. You can expect a more highly effective aging care with the extract than other vegetable placenta, additionally allowing you to feel safe and secure.
1. There is a high level of safety and an easy feeling regarding the vegetal placenta from stem cell. (A person who cannot use an animal derived product can use it.)
2. Although the vegetal placenta does not effect the growth factor in itself, it will stimulate and enhance the growth factor which people already have. 
3. The vegetal placenta has a more powerful antioxidant effect than an animal placenta, and the anti-aging care is particularly high in the rose placenta from stem cell.
4. It is the most appropriate for customers who are aiming at whitening their skin, because as a result of blending the vitamin C derivatives, it stimulates the restraint of melanogenesis, melanin excretion, improvement of cellular renewal and normalization of sebum secretion.

How to Use

1. Take a pearl size portion in your palm and apply it on your entire face with gentle pats. It will be better if you do this while looking up.
2. We recommend that you apply it more heavily on the areas around the eyes and lips since those areas are easy to dry. Please adjust the quantity of the liquid cosmetic according to the condition of your skin.
3. There is no problem if you apply the liquid cosmetic left on your hands to dry areas such as the back of your hands, elbows or legs, the same as when you use hand cream or body lotion.

Use by

6 - 12 months after open.


Water, pentylene glycol, hyaluronic acid Na, damask rose placenta culture extract, damask rose callus culture extract, ascorbyl phosphate Na, watermelon fruit extract, apple fruit extract, lentil fruit extract, soybean seed extract, brown algae extract, PCA-Na , Polyquaternium-61, Glycerin, BG, Cocoyl Arginine Ethyl PCA, Na lactate, Phenoxyethanol

Message for You

An animal placenta has a hormone risk that accompanies it by all means, but about the rose placenta, you can use this skin care product with a sense of relief because of its plant origin. As one of the characteristics of the rose placenta or stem cell extract, there is an antioxidant power to prevent active oxygen (a kind of rust of the body) that leads to aging, by approximately 3 times that of the placenta derived from a pig, and shows a high anti-aging effect.

About Manufacturing

"Recher organics" 
As "Re" means "return" and "cher" means "lovely" or "pretty" in French, the name is a combination of those two words and is made to express our expectation that our customers will continue to use these skin care products and maintain their youthfulness and beauty.

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宜樺 何


佳純 李

有收到妳們的- 試用產品了  -打開包裝有一小條精華液- 有聞一下  -沒味道耶   - 試擦臉後  - 比較有乾燥的肌膚 有比較不乾澀  也不油   吸收後
超保濕的 滿好用的也謝謝

Miss Quyen Le

mình rất thích sản phẩm này của cosmeria, nếu sản phẩm có ở VN và giá hợp túi tiền mình sẽ mua, cảm giác sau khi dùng sản phẩm rất thích, da mịn và sáng hơn,cảm ơn cosmeria nhiều

Duy Hiền

Mình dùng sản phẩm này vào buổi sáng, da mình là da nhờn  mình đã dùng hết 1/2 chai sau khi dùng mình thấy da có mịn hơn, có sáng hơn 1 chút, mình thích sản phẩm này. cảm ơn cosmeria nhiều

Nguyen Duong Linh

mình nhận sản phẩm và đã dùng hết. sau khi rửa mặt và thoa nước hoa hồng thì mình dùng sản phẩm này. da cảm giác mát, sau khi dùng hết da mặt mình có sáng hơn. không gây ngứa hay khó chịu gì, thanks cosmeria.