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Rozebe Placenta enriched essence

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The effective ingredients placenta extract and glycyrrhetinic acid 2k work to prevent blemishes, freckles, and acne. Furthermore, skin whitening, moisture, and anti-aging skincare are achieved with a combination of durable amino acid, ectoine, and hyaluronic acid.

With “high quality products at low prices” and “we’d like you continue with us” as our mottos, we have cut advertising expenses and interim costs and prioritized the quality of the product.

A small amount goes a long way, and you’ll get familiar with it quickly. Your skin will become moist and firm, without being sticky. The feeling it gives your skin is also very popular for social networking services like Instagram.


Active Ingredients: water-soluble placenta extract, glycyrrhizin acid 2K. Other Ingredients: prune enzymatic decomposition product, acetyl tyrosine, ectoine, rhodomyrtus tomentosa fruit exhibition vinegar, licorice leaf extract, water solution collagen powder, hyaluronic acid Na-2, artichoke extract, Hime Fuuro extract, peony extract, Kakkonekisu, sclerotium gum, Gurikoshirutore Harosu, hydrogenated starch hydrolyzate mixed solution, concentrated glycerin, xanthan gum, BG, carboxyl, Sheet vinyl polymer, hydroxide K, 1,2 over pentane diol, phenoxyethanol, perfume

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We are heightening our brand recognition by posting on the popular Chinese BBS site 5 Media, and we are also being introduced by popular blogger Bella in Taiwan.

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User Review

Cherry Kuek

I bought this product when I was in japan ,this product doesn't contain alcohol ,it have a mild rose fragrant. Is a bit sticky but absorb into skin very fast .1 bottle last me for 1.5 months ,however I never see any improve in skin ,so I give a 3 stars