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SHALLBE Facial Gel

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It focuses on the skin's water-holding capacity, which declines with age. It is a mixture of three types of cosmetics ingredients from Tottori Prefecture, 10 kinds of plant components, and the high water-holding capacity ingredients (for storing moisture in the stratum corneum) of three types of hyaluronic acid. It can make you experience moisture like never before. Enjoy the fresh moisture after applying it on the face.


Tottori Prefecture raw materials (N -acetyl glucosamine, fish collagen, natural water)

About Manufacturing

We, SHALLBE, started as a company that searched for cosmetics we feel comfortable using. Without forgetting the resolve we had at that time, we always stand in the shoes of the users as we make our products. We are working seriously to make products that you will feel comfortable recommending to the people you care and we strive to bring a smile to everyone's face with our products.

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User Review

Nhu Tran

As it's said it focuses on the skin's water-holding capacity, which declines with age. It's a good moisture cream for normal and dry cream and oily cream also. I can feel immediately moisture and fresh when I apply on my skin and only just pea size for whole face and neck. I tried use it at night before going to bed and day time. In my experience it's better to use at night only because it absorbed quite slow, left sticky feeling for a while. The texture is not so thick but it does last long, probably 3-4 months.
I do want to know the complete of this facial gel ingredients. Nowaday the women have knowledge of the cosmetic's ingredients they use, I cannot read the Japanese writing also on the cosmeria some products don't have complete ingredient list. Anyway thanks Cosmeria for giving us chance to try good quality cosmetics we all love.

- Properly hydrates, making skin feel nourished, fresh and softer
- It is suitable for all types of skin

- It doesn't absorb easily and left sticky feeling
- The product comes in a jar and hence you should put your fingers into it every time using. This maybe clumsy and also makes cream messy if your fingers are unclean

Sergianne Ceniza

This product is very promising. It is easily absorbed and does   not feel icky and sticky even in humid weather. It is also odorless which makes it suitable for those who are sensitive to fragrant products. Two thumbs up for this product! :)

Ngoc Quyen

My skin is combination skin. I used 2 weeks. Before using SHALLBE Facial Gel, my skin dry and flaky frequent some places such as the nose, chin. after using my skin moist, smooth and firmer. This is my practical experience is used in 2 weeks. I would love this product and I'm very happy to get this product from you. For me, the 5-star section. Thanks a lot

Resti Mardhiyah Pamungkas

this is first time i used facial gel and i'm so in love with this product. i have oily skin and little bit sensitive.. first trying i feel little worry but after getting the result, I am very sure if this is a very good product. My skin is getting soft and brighter now.. thanks COSMERIA ~