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This product is made from a perfect balance of 34 types of plant extract. It has anti-aging and tightening properties, and helps protect your skin from UV light. Because it is made with low-irritation ingredients, it gently preserves the condition of your precious skin.


Water , glycerin , BG, macadamia nut oil , squalane , placenta extract , shea butter , sericin , Ubiquinone , thioctic acid , hyaluronic acid Na, acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, hyaluronic acid cross polymer Na, Glycyrrhizin acid 2K, behenyl alcohol , pentylene glycol , ethylhexyl stearate , Isostearic acid Na, beeswax , steareth-20 , Okuchirudodesesu -20 , ( acrylates / alkyl acrylic acid (C-10-30)) cross polymer , ( Methacrylic acid glyceryl amide ethyl / stearyl methacrylate ) copolymer , ( Diisostearate / poly -hydroxy stearic acid / sebacic acid ) polyglyceryl-4 , tocopherol , Ethylhexyl glycerin , phenoxyethanol , chloride Mg, Na hydrogen carbonate , hydroxide Na

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Shareco Company handles the manufacture and sales of makeup products. They also manage the planning, production, and distribution of the email newsletter “Shareco Bihada College”, as well as offer beauty advice and beauty counseling.

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